Today’s global environment requires companies to focus their attention on the specific skills that their key managers must develop to perform better within their functions and within the business areas in which they operate.

IPADE’s Focused Programs are standardized and are based on interdisciplinary topics aimed at responding to the current and future needs of managerial training. Additionally, the Programs integrate topics of interest that form the vanguard of the business world.

The objectives of the focused Programs are to motivate managers and businesspeople to develop concrete skills according to their needs. Additionally, the Programs search for practical and innovative solutions to the problems that managers face on a day-to- day basis.

  • Innovation for Senior Management Program (innovAD)
  • Senior Management Program in Private Equity (ADeCaP)
  • Senior Management Program in the Agrifood Chain (ADEA)
  • Management for Services Program
  • Boards Crash Program
  • Chairmen and Board Members Program
  • Leadership in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Program
  • Top Management Program for Leaders of the Americas (PADLA)
  • Female Talent Plus Senior Management
  • The Human Side of the Director Program
  • Family Businesspeople Summit
  • How do you Achieve Continuity in a Family Business?
  • Governing Businesses: Developing Directors