Over the 22 months of IPADE’s Full-time MBA (MEDE) Program, participants have the opportunity to learn, practice, and reinforce their skills within an ethical and strategic context.

They will make decisions in a controlled environment, and will develop a global perspective on the current dynamic business culture.

The MEDE Program is conducted 100% in English.

Personal Guidance

MBA Administrative Team

Monitoring for beginning

Monitor for each team

Career Services (CEDIC)

blue_box Technical tools for the Organization

pink Fundamentals of Management Administration

green_boz Leadership, Human Behavior and Personal Growth

orange Anthropological and Ethical Foundations

blue_sky Environment and international Experience

gray Career Planning and Global Skills

First Year

The Program’s first year is primarily oriented toward in-depth study of different areas of management.

During this period, participants acquire the technical tools necessary for excellent management.

Along with these hard skills, participants will learn about leadership and teamwork.

Introductory Quarter

Financial Accounting

Quantitative Methods

Introduction to Organizational Behavior

Economic Environment I

Introduction to Case Method

Communications Tools


First Quarter

Organizational Behavior II

Financial Management I

Operations Management I

Managerial Control and Information I

Human Resources Management I

Marketing Management I

Business Ethics

Communication Skills

Work-life Balance


Second Quarter

Decision Analysis

Financial Management II

Organizational Behavior II

Operations Management II

Human Resources Management II

Marketing Management II

General Management I


Business Forum

International Week

Third Quarter

Financial Management III

Economic Environment II

Managerial Control and Information II

Marketing Management III

General Management II

Operations Management III

Organizational Behavior III

Financial Mathematics


Summer Work

Between their first and second year, participants have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve gained during their first year by carrying out a professional project.

This project can take the form of an internship in a company or the development of a detailed business plan. Participants are guided and evaluated by an IPADE professor, as well as by the company they work for.

Second Year

The second year emphasizes the development of a global vision, strategic decision-making processes, and other so-called soft skills.

During the fourth trimester, students choose from among 40 international business schools for their international exchange experience. During the sixth trimester, students can choose four elective courses focused on the latest global business trends.

Fourth Quarter

Exchange Program

Fifth Quarter

Financial Management IV

Managerial Control and Information III

Business Simulation

Social and Political Environment I

Career Plan

General Management III

Legal Framework

Sales Force Management

International Study trip


Business Forum

Sixth Quarter

Financial Management V

Markstrat (Marketing Simulation)

General Management IV

Social and Political Environment II

Elective Course I

Elective Course II

Elective Course III

Elective Course IV


Work-life Balance

Mexico City Campus: RVOE (Recognition of Official Validity of Studies) No. 83162 dated on December 14th, 1983.

SEP Monterrey Campus: RVOE (Recognition of Official Validity of Studies)  No. 20110031 dated on January 27th, 2011. SEP