We design the In-Company Programs at IPADE based on the particular needs of each company by working closely with them. By linking the objectives of each Program directly to the strategy of each organization we ensure that the 12 academic areas of IPADE are geared to respond to the specific needs presented.

In-Company Programs are unique because we have taken into account the demographics, social and cultural profile of its participants. Topics, duration and methodology vary, however, all our Programs have the common denominator in its focus on Senior Management, promoting a high level of interaction and learning through the Case Method.


Designing Programs tailored to the needs of each organization, aligned with the interests of General Management and according to their vision, strategy and current circumstances. This also provides leaders a comprehensive learning experience, a transformation of thought with a significant impact on individual performance to be reflected on an improved performance of the company.

Improving decision-making management skills to properly manage the resources of the company and thereby promote the integration of managers from different areas through teamwork, dynamics and classroom sessions.organization.


The internal networking, which is developed thanks to the methodology of our In-Company Programs, enriches participants and, therefore, organizations, as it provides knowledge of the different functional areas of the organization.