Understanding the New Generations
Understanding the New Generations to Encourage Growth
17 April, 2017
IPADE the Sole Mexican Program Featured in the FT Executive Education Rankings 2017
IPADE the Sole Mexican Program Featured in the FT Executive Education Rankings 2017
25 May, 2017
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IPADE to Host 3rd Harvard Business Review Summit Mexico

Harvard Business Review


Last April 27 th , IPADE Business School announced that it will host the 3rd Annual Harvard Business Review Summit Mexico at its campus in Mexico City in September of 2017. The event, hosted in partnership with the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and Opinno, a global innovation consultancy, will gather 400-500 top business leaders to engage with the key management topics relevant to today’s business community and seek to provide space for discussing uncertainties in the current global environment.

Dr. Rafael Gómez Nava, Dean of IPADE Business School, highlighted IPADE’s longstanding relationship with Harvard Business School.

“This is an important relationship for IPADE,” said Dean Gómez Nava. “Not just because of the HBR’s prestige as a publication, but also because of IPADE’s values and history, as well as our longstanding partnership with Harvard Business School… We recognize that the current environment is full of challenges and difficulties that must be discussed in order to be understood.”

The event will feature 10+ hours of content from leading academics, thought leaders, and businesspeople, including top management from BBVA Bancomer and Winston Eco-Strategies, as well as respected academic experts from IPADE Business School, Harvard Business School, and the NYU Stern School of Business. Select topics include international trade, talent management, digital transformation, and leadership.

Following a morning press conference, IPADE alumni, faculty, and current students participated in a series of sessions in the Dr. Carlos Llano auditorium. HBR Senior Editor Eben Harrell shared an overview of the top content published by the magazine during the last 12 months, providing attendees with a more in-depth look on articles addressing the failure of diversity programs, the power paradox, and the importance of globalization.

Mr. Harrell also acknowledged the increasing globalization of management, sharing with the audience that 56% of HBR’s total readership is now from outside of the United States.

“We’re very much aware that it’s necessary to be a global magazine, and the best ideas often come from outside the U.S.,” said Mr. Harrell. “… We’re excited to once again partner with IPADE for the Harvard Business Review Summit Mexico.”

Gabriel Kurman, CEO of Koibanx and an expert in blockchain technology, then gave attendees a crash course on blockchain and its applications, including bitcoin, smart contracts, asset tokenization, etc.

“Until now, the Internet has been used as a method to transmit information, but not value,” said Mr. Kurman. “Blockchain indicates a shift to the Internet of Value and the birth of a new era of the Internet.”

For the 200 attendees, the session served as a taste of the type of content that can be expected at the Harvard Business Review Summit Mexico on September 7 th .

Additional information on the Harvard Business Review Summit Mexico can be found here: hbrsummit.com

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