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Moshe Yanai Lecture: The Future of Data Storage

Moshe Yanai

On March 9, the IPADE Continuing Management Education Program hosted special guest Moshe Yanai, Israeli data scientist and CEO and Founder of INFINIDAT, an enterprise storage solutions company. The session, titled “Big Data: The Future of Data Storage,” attracted a full house of IPADE students and alumni.

In his welcome to the audience, IPADE Dean Rafael Gómez Nava thanked alumnus Adán Fernández for his role in bringing Mr. Yanai to IPADE and highlighted the wide range of Mr. Yanai’s impressive accomplishments.

“It’s a true privilege to welcome Moshe here to IPADE,” said Dean Gómez Nava. “Tonight we welcome an internationally recognized businessman, an inventor, a philanthropist, a scientist with 18 patents… Moshe is one of the most influential figures in the world within the data storage space.”

During the session, Mr. Yanai focused on his past experience creating data storage systems such as the Symmetrix storage array, as well as his predictions for the future of data storage, providing the audience with a rundown of the history and the future of data storage technology.

“More information will be generated in the next two years than in the last 40,000 years combined,” said Mr. Yanai. “Data is exponential, it’s not linear.”

Mr. Yanai highlighted that as data creation and storage continues to increase exponentially, the likelihood of major outages will increase as well, and must be addressed with systems that provide increased performance, availability, and reliability.

“It always comes down to brute force versus innovation,” said Mr. Yanai. “If you want to solve problems like data storage, you must use innovation. If you use brute force, you cannot win.”

The session closed with a question and answer period, allowing attendees to engage with an international expert. Following the conclusion of the session, attendees were invited to a networking cocktail session hosted by IPADE.

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