One of IPADE’s basic principles is that a person never stops learning and improving. The complex and changing business environment requires entrepreneurs and managers to constantly develop their abilities and to stay up to date on the latest management trends.

As a result, the IPADE Liaisons Department has developed several Permanent Education Programs, including the Continuous Updating Management Program, the International Continuous Updating Management Course, and the IPADE Alumni Sessions, among others. These Programs offer graduates the knowledge, tools, and vision necessary for effective decision-making in a dynamic and complex international environment.

The contents of the different Programs are decided upon through proposals from students and graduates, as well as the research findings from Faculty and the main entrepreneurial and business trends.

Additionally, these programs offer a unique forum for local and international businesspeople and managers to exchange ideas and experiences from diverse sectors, areas, and activities.

Vanguard business

Within the context of a continuously changing business environment, an increasingly dynamic market, and a country that has many different layers, it is truly indispensable for entrepreneurs to be on the cutting-edge of the different aspects of their business in order to compete in the modern business world.

IPADE has over 40 years of experience promoting preparing leaders through the Continuous and Updating Management Program. Business leaders are given the opportunity to learn from the experiences of their peers, as well as integrate new concepts and continue to strengthen the skills that make them a successful manager.

IPADE alumni are able to leverage the benefits of the Continuous and Updating Management Program to continue to improve their leadership skills and grow their businesses.

Continuous Updating

45 Sessions distributed throughout 9 modules of 5 sessions each

From September to June

The skills necessary to be an effective manager are always changing. To address this, IPADE offers the International Continuous Updating Management Course (CICA), a Program that introduces the latest skills and research, allowing participants to be on the cutting-edge of Top Management trends.

CICA is aimed at IPADE graduates and at students of IPADE’s foreign partner schools. The International Continuous Updating Management Course is an opportunity to update skills and knowledge, and to reflect on the crucial topics that challenge organizations today. It is also a unique forum ideas and experiences to be exchanged between businesspeople and managers from Mexico, Central, and South America.

Today’s managers face the daunting challenge of staying up-to- date on the knowledge and skills necessary for the business and management world. In a globalized world, ongoing training and skill updates are indispensable, no matter where you are.

With three campuses in Mexico, IPADE has over 10,000 graduates across the country. IPADE seeks to serve its graduates independent of their physical location, conducting cutting-edge sessions for graduates in different cities all over Mexico.

At IPADE, we believe that the best opportunities for learning come from experience. The CEO Lecture Series® is a new session format in which businesspeople and managers share their personal experiences and facilitate dialogue on the current state of the business world. These sessions are targeted to students, alumni, and the larger community, and are scheduled to fit in your busy agenda.

Additionally, this format provides a space for sharing and networking with members of the IPADE Alumni Association, the largest business network in Mexico.

IPADE’s alumni community consists of the graduates of the following Programs from the primary and satellite campuses: AD-2, AD, D-1, MEDE, MEDEX, and ADIT. Its purpose is to facilitate the continuous improvement of IPADE graduates through different programs and services.

Each Program, class, and group votes to choose the students that will represent them as part of the Governing Board. This Board is in charge of maintaining the relationship and the connection between their alumni class and IPADE.

IPADE also maintains relationships with business schools around the world, whose alumni living in Mexico can also benefit from the Programs and services offered.