IPADE’s Research Centers promote knowledge development on specific subjects that are deeply linked with our humanistic approach to business.

Many of the challenges faced by today’s managers require insights achieved through basic, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research approach.

IPADE’s five research centers operate under this belief.

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Research Center for Women in Senior Management

IPADE Business School’s Research Center for Women in Senior Management (Centro de Investigación de la Mujer en la Alta Dirección, CIMAD) is focused on permanently expanding the businesswoman and female executive’s world through the creation of innovative structures that link her to the organization she works with and to her own family, through the development of networks where female executives can meet and support each other.

In order to accomplish this, CIMAD has three lines of research: CIMAD is interested in promoting the stories of women who have been successful thanks to the balance they attained between their personal, familial, and professional lives. Similarly, CIMAD aims to be a forum of discussion and dialogue to support female executives and businesswomen in the difficult task of making Mexico a better place to live.

Although this Program is targeted to women in Top Management positions, it will also benefit men and families in the long run.


Research Center for Family Businesses

Family businesses are a fundamental driver for the development and growth of any economy. Ensuring their continuity and consolidating their future is crucial. The Research Center for Family Businesses (Centro de Investigación para las Familias de Empresarios: CIFEM) has devoted its efforts to developing programs focused on topics that allow family businesses to consolidate themselves and successfully face the challenges they face.

CIFEM focuses on:

  • Raising awareness and knowledge of family businesses through focused seminars, meetings, and programs.
  • Research and development of case studies on family businesses.
  • Research on how to improve the family and business environment.
  • The publication of scientific articles and books on the subject.

Research Center for Business Entrepreneurial Initiative

Broadly, the last 100 years have been witness to the emergence and consolidation of the modern business in our society. The most important social works, from economic goods and services production to health care and education, now more than ever are offered through a singular model: the commercial business.

Businesses do not appear spontaneously. They are built by people with the initiative and dedication to develop businesses, driven by personal interest, and oriented by their passion and intuition. Nowadays it is more and more common that when a window of opportunity opens, a group of enthusiastic businesspeople or entrepreneurs quickly emerges seeking to gather the necessary resources to convert the business opportunity into a viable company.

The Research Center for Entrepreneurial Initiatives (Centro de Investigación en Iniciativa Empresarial: CiiE) aims to study the business style and managerial work of the entrepreneur and businessperson who takes these risks. After all, these people are the reason that IPADE exists.

Research Center for Business Entrepreneurial Initiative

Center of Studies for Institutional Governance

On June 9, 2005, IPADE and the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), through the Hills’ Program on Governance, signed an alliance to develop an agenda to promote governance and combat corruption through the close collaboration of the public, private, academic, and civil sectors. This was the start of the Center of Studies for Institutional Governance (Centro de Estudios para la Gobernabilidad Institucional: CEGI).

CEGI is devoted to the execution of intersectoral studies for the creation of proposals to positively impact Mexico and the local environment by promoting good government, fighting against corruption, and developing an ethical culture.

The Center of Studies for Institutional Governance’s mission is to promote effective organizational governance and contribute to the development of individuals, societies, and nations.


Philosophy and Management Research Center

The conviction that man is the beginning, middle, and end of any managerial decision, as well as the whole economic and social life, is the credo that focuses the Philosophy and Management Research Center (Centro de Investigación de Filosofía y Empresa: CIFE) on the study of the human being.

The center’s research work is grounded in philosophical anthropology, and seeks to address the human question from the broadest possible point of view. CIFE’s research is closely linked to consulting and teaching, as contact with real situations fosters and orients reflection, and the outcomes are then discussed in classrooms among people with diverse experiences and academic training. The link between research, teaching, and consulting is a positive cycle.

The Philosophy and Management Research Center continues to develop the field that Dr. Carlos Llano Cifuentes, founder of IPADE and the institution’s first Dean, pioneered. As a result, CIFE works closely with the UP-IPADE Carlos Llano Chair, a position similarly focused on the study of the human factor. Several of CIFE’s projects are naturally linked to those promoted by the Carlos Llano Chair.