Founded in 1967, IPADE Business School was created by and for the business community in Mexico City and Latin America.

With support from major business leaders of the day, IPADE was created to provide Senior Managers with training that went beyond a purely economic approach to business and incorporated a commitment to service and social responsibility.

IPADE’s original Executive Management Program (AD-2) was eventually complemented by programs meant to train business leaders and managers across the various circumstances and stages of their careers, including the Continuous and Updating Management Program, the MBA Programs, Focused Programs, and Custom Programs.

IPADE further increased its impact when it expanded into new regions, establishing campuses in Monterrey (1976) and Guadalajara (1978). To serve the business community in Central America, IPADE also launched programs in Costa Rica (2011) and Panama (2016).

Additionally, as part of its efforts to pay forward the guidance and support provided by Harvard Business School and IESE (University of Navarra) that was foundational to the creation of IPADE, the institution has contributed its expertise to support the founding of business schools across Latin America, including INALDE in Colombia, PAD in Peru, IDE in Ecuador, and UNIS in Guatemala.

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Over the past five decades, IPADE has created a reputation as a pioneering institution in the business education world and is recognized as a leader in the Latin America business community.

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