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10 June, 2021
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CICA: 30 Years of cutting-edge content and networking opportunities

From June 28 to July 2, more than 200 IPADE alumni gathered at IPADE’s Mexico City campus to participate in the 2021 edition of the International Continuing and Updating Management Course (CICA). Since its creation 30 years ago, CICA has offered IPADE alumni the opportunity to participate in innovative sessions taught by IPADE faculty to stay up to date on emerging trends in senior management.

The 30th edition of the CICA program started with a warm message from Dean Lorenzo Fernández Alonso, who welcomed attendees back to campus after a tumultuous year.

“We have all had to live through a historic time—2020 was an extremely complex year that required us all to learn how to survive in times of uncertainty,” said Dean Fernández. “Today, we must continue to build—it is time to stand united and build bridges. We must take advantage of all the good things that we have as an IPADE community and work together to pave the way for the companies of the future.”

In addition to bringing together alumni from across all IPADE campuses and programs, CICA is also open to current students and alumni from sister schools across Latin America. The 2021 edition was attended by representatives from Barna Business School (Dominican Republic) and INALDE Business School (Colombia).

CICA attendees had the opportunity to participate in the 21 top-rated sessions from the 2020-2021 Continuing and Updating Management Program, including the session “From Fear to Hope,” taught by Organizational Behavior Professor José Díez.

Events such as CICA reaffirm IPADE’s mission to train leaders with a global vision and commitment to excellence.

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