Using the Case Method, Executive MBA (MEDEX) participants perfect their managerial skills by exercising the detection, analysis, and diagnosis of real business problems.

This Program helps them develop their abilities to make accurate decisions, exercise flexibility and open-mindedness, and build the strength of character required for every managerial action.

The Case Method uses academic materials (business cases) based on real organizational challenges are analyzed from different perspectives. This process is divided into three stages: personal study, teamwork, and a plenary session led by an expert professor.

Drawing on the cases and accompanying technical notes, participants acquire the necessary knowledge about the fundamentals of business management. Guest speakers and visiting professors provide additional hands-on inputs, expertise and life experience.

1. Personal Study

Participants use their personal experience with the situation outlined to assess the issues and make an action plan.

2. Teamwork

The team of participants combine their personal and plenary analysis to make decisions as though they were the company’s board of directors.

3. Plenary Session

The case is analyzed using input from the whole class under the guidance of an expert professor.