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Final of the 7th Edition Global Case Competition

On February 2-3, IPADE hosted the final of the 7th Edition Global Case Competition, sponsored by Novartis and Deloitte México. Following a rigorous semi-final round in January, six teams from the Full-time MBA program advanced to participate in the final, hosted at IPADE’s Mexico City campus. Once the case was presented by representatives of Deloitte, the members of the six teams worked diligently to develop innovative, real-world business solutions to the complex challenge they had been presented.

After significant deliberation, the panel of judges, made up of Partners, Directors, and Managers from Deloitte and Novartis, as well as IPADE faculty members, declared Team 8 as the winner. Each team was evaluated throughout the course of the event based on the following criteria: ability to work on diverse, cross-cultural teams; teamwork; leadership; analytical skills; the quality of the final presentation; and public speaking ability.

Deloitte was represented by Xavier Ordóñez, Strategy and Operations Partner; Fernando Jiménez, Strategy and Operations Manager; Clara Martínez, Strategy and Operations Manager; Tane Uribarren y Daniela Azpeitia, Strategy and Operations Senior Consultants. Novartis was represented by Gustavo Angles, Germán Barragán, Daniel del Conde, Nora Carmona, Roberto Romero, Bárbara Fragoso, Elia Lozano, Laura Hurtazo, Rocío González, Aída Schwarz, and Diana Galván.

The Global Case Competition is organized by IPADE with the sponsorship of Deloitte México and Novartis. The purpose of the competition is to enhance the strategic skills of Full-Time MBA participants, and to support the innovative recruitment efforts of the sponsoring companies. This year, a total of 40 students participated in the competition, including students from top international MBA programs including Darden School of Business, Telfer School of Management, Tuck School of Business, IESE Business School, USC Marshall School of Business and IAE Business School.














           First Place: Team 8

Second Place: Team 2

Third Place: Team 5

  • Alen Amini (Tuck School of Business)
  • Claudia Valenzuela (IPADE Business School)
  • Curtis Hache (Telfer School of Management)
  • Peter McCarthy (IPADE Business School)
  • Víctor Espinoza (IPADE Business School)
  • Jesús Villalobos (IPADE Business School)
  • Lucía Barrera (IPADE Business School)
  • Mario Cervantes (IPADE Business School)
  • Nadia Garza (IPADE Business School)
  • Omar Sabha (IESE Business School)
  • Alex Ramírez (IPADE Business School)
  • Christina Baggo (USC Marshall School of Business)
  • Joshua Jácome (IPADE Business School)
  • Xavier Beltrán (IPADE Business School)
  • Yunqui Shi (CEIBS)





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