Our Full-Time Master Program offers you an education that is both academic and human-focused, developing your managerial potential and encouraging professional growth.

Over the course of 22 months, you will experience a transformation based on learning phases. The Program begins with a period of intellectual growth during which you will develop skills and knowledge about the techniques and art of managing a company. In the next phase, you will put that knowledge into practice. Finally, you’ll be given the opportunity to participate in an international learning experience.

At IPADE, you will be part of a global learning community made up of highly talented young professionals that will challenge you to think beyond your limits. This community will prepare you for the complex responsibilities that come with leadership in the business world.

We hope to welcome you to our Full-Time MBA Program.



The Full-time MBA Program is designed to develop the skills necessary to face Top Management responsibilities. Participants will undergo a profound transformation, and this training requires a two-years commitment to professional and personal growth.

Program participants get a professional boost that translates into greater performance and increased leadership skills. IPADE graduates stand out among their peers due to their highly developed global business vision and their deep sense of social purpose that must always accompany managing a business.

IPADE’s MEDE Program uses the Case Method and additional teaching tools to provide an intense formative experience focused on building skills and transforming leaders.