IPADE alumni are known for their quickly developing careers, due to their academic education and the professional guidance provided during the Full-Time MBA Program.

The Career Services Office also offers different recruiting programs and tools to help companies in their search for young, high-potential talent. These include company presentations, discussion forums, case competitions, and job boards. Our aim is to help companies access the best talent according to their specific needs.


IPADE’s Full-time MBA is an important transition step to kick the professional growth of our students into overdrive. The Career Services Office is an essential part of this experience, serving as a personal guide throughout the two academic years, and offering students specific tools to:


Identify their professional strengths, abilities, and weaknesses.

Define the most attractive industry according to their personal profile and interests.


Prepare them in the art of job interviews, taking into account their abilities and the industry or task they are interested in.


Write an effective resume according to their professional goals.


Prepare a networking strategy and create their own job opportunities.

The purpose of the Career Services Office at IPADE is to make each and every MBA student aware of the industry, company, and focus that their personal characteristics, abilities, and previous experience align for a successful professional career.

If you are a Full-Time MBA student or graduate, click here to take you to the Career Services Office’s site.

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The Career Services Office at IPADE helps companies in their talent identification processes by:

  1. Publishing specific job offers segmented by profile and making a filter for companies, ensuring a lower number of higher quality candidates for the specific position.
  2. Preparing logistics and agendas for job interviews with our current Full-time MBA students, both at IPADE´s facilities and at the company´s offices, making the process as smooth as possible for the company.
  3. Inviting recruiters to make company presentations featuring some of their top-level executives to generate interest in our students.
  4. Providing the most appropriate profiles thought the different student industry clubs.
  5. Offering invitations to the Career Forum, an annual event featuring more than 100 companies. The goal is to bring together companies and current full-time students to get to know more about each other.
  6. Facilitating the summer internship program for students to carry out strategic projects within their host companies.

If you still do not have your user code and password to use access to these services, click here.

If you still do not have your user code and password to use access to these services, click here.


The Summer Internship is part of the Full-time MBA Academic Program at IPADE. Every year, from June to August, our first-year students work as consultants, developing specific projects in different areas within their host company.

Companies benefit from this job by

  1. Speeding up on-going projects
  2.  Having an external vision
  3. Having a qualified person 100% focused on developing the project
  4. Receiving counseling from IPADE’s faculty, an expert in the project’s area, who will advise the participant regarding the methodology, development, and closure of the project.

Some examples of summer jobs our students have developed are:

  1. Strategies for new product launch
  2.  Market studies
  3. Business plan development
  4. Process analysis and redesign
  5. Organizational restructure
  6. Balanced scorecard