The mission of the Full-time MBA Program is to form highly competent business leaders with a strong national and international management vision, a commitment to society and ethics, and a commitment to contributing to the social and economic development of their countries.

The knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed over the course of the Program will allow Full-Time MBA graduates to succeed as a top management professional whose work will help refine managerial skills.

The MBA graduate will possess:


  • Methodology for managerial decision-making
  •  The diverse areas that make up Business Administration: commercial, finance, operations, personnel, and administration, with a focus on General Management
  • The economic, commercial, and political environments that affect how companies are managed, both nationally and internationally
  • Philosophical aspects related to business and the individual
  • Effective communication methods
Knowledge Graduate
Skills MBA


  • Demonstrating technical management expertise
  • Developing a strategic approach to management
  • Integrating global, competitive, and dynamic thinking
  • Honing analytical ability, and seeing the parts of a business as a whole
  • Refining capacity for synthesis, seeing how each part is related, and establishing cause and effect relationships
  • Diagnosing and resolving problems that impact a company’s activities and results
  • Proposing logical and coherent solutions that are based on analysis and synthesis
  • Decision-making, being able to effectively select the best solution
  • Focusing on delivering value and satisfaction
  • Effectively communicating in public: being able to argue, organize thoughts, and express them clearly
  • Working as part of a team, listening and taking ideas of others into account, and being confident in the quality of decisions
  • Listening to the ideas and opinions of others respectfully and with an open mind
  • Working under pressure and remaining results oriented
  • Learning by incorporating ideas, knowledge, and personal criteria


  • Critical analysis in diagnosing business situations, searching for solutions and implementing them
  • Commitment to efficiency and effectiveness
  • Openness to technological innovation
  • Responsibility in decision-making
  • Enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and business creation
  • Sensitivity for the human side of management
  • Solidarity with the community with a focus on business solutions that support the common good
  • Evaluating decisions with an ethical criteria
  • Assuming a social commitment to the community and the country in which the business operates