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29 March, 2019
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3 April, 2019
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Fundación Arocena Celebrates Winners of the 2019 Innovation, Perseverance and Service Award

On March 26-27, Leonardo Benjamín González Lamadrid and Ariel Emiliano Berrueto Garza (MEDE Class of 2019) were recognized with the 2019 Innovation, Perseverance and Service Award. Originally established by Mr. Eneko Belausteguigoitia, a founding participant of IPADE and president of Grupo Beta San Miguel and the Fundación E. Arocena, this award recognizes the IPADE participants that best embody the values of the institution.

For the ceremony, executives from Grupo Beta San Miguel joined IPADE faculty and staff at the Mexico City and Monterrey campuses to announce the winners of the award. Nominee’s families were also invited to attend.

Following a brief introduction of each nominee by MBA Program Director Ernesto Bolio Barajas, IPADE Dean Rafael Gómez Nava invited the nominees to reflect on their time at IPADE and their futures as business leaders.

“Always lead by example, and make sure that you take the values that you learn in these classrooms and apply them to life beyond these walls,” said Dean Gómez Nava. “Being a business leader is an honorable calling. Business leaders encourage economic growth while also addressing society’s most pressing issues.”

IPADE works to not only foster leadership qualities in its participants, but to also encourage personal transformation and an awareness of and dedication to the social impact that business can have. The Innovation, Perseverance and Service Award seeks to recognize the personal excellence of the participants of the Full-Time MBA program.

Mexico City Nominees:
Luis Alfonso Chiu Kwok, Karla Paola Hernández Enríquez, Aldo Benito Macedo Panchi, Daniel Berdegué de Cima, Francisco Sordo Morán, Jacobo Ramos Torres, Hongyi Tang, Huu Nghia Nguyen, and Leonardo Benjamín González Lamadrid (winner).

Monterrey Nominees:
María Alejandra Yanes Enríquez, Gerardo Sada Rangel, Javier de Jesús Dávila Lozano, Luis Esquer Leal, Homero Nazir Natal Navarro, and Ariel Emiliano Berrueto Garza (winner).


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