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Growth Industries Represented at MBA Sector Forums

At IPADE, the academic value of an MBA is complemented by activities that keep participants connected to the fastest growing and most dynamic sectors in the business world.

From April 24 to May 30, 2018, eight different Sector Forums were hosted at IPADE’s campus in Mexico City. Organized by the Career Services Office and industry-specific MBA student clubs, these Forums provide participants with an opportunity to engage with leaders from booming industries.

Each forum was structured around a specific issue that would add value to participants’ knowledge of various industries, including energy, real estate, health and pharmaceutical, consumer goods, social innovation, entrepreneurship, and banking and financial services. Key business leaders from different sectors and leading companies participated in the Forums, including participants from IBM Latin America, Deloitte, Honeywell, Newmark, Cushman & Wakefield, PwC, BP, Lottus Capital, Immer Médica, and more.

The topics for the Forums were as follows:

  • The Energy Sector: Impact on the Consumer and the Downstream Industry
  • Search Funds in Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Real Estate: Innovative Value Propositions and New Business Models
  • Innovation and Technology in the Health Sector: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Technological Disruption: Its Impact on Businesses and How to Capitalize Them
  • Entrepreneurship: Innovative Business Models, Financing, and What Investors Want
  • Blockchain Finance
  • Social Innovation

The Sector Forums provide participants with the opportunity to engage with the business world, offering a chance for participants to reflect on which sectors interest them and where they hope to develop their professional career. In addition to the Sector Forums, the Career Services Office implements a variety of other activities that connect participants with growing, dynamic industries and key business leaders.

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