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26 March, 2019
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IPADE Hosts International Days in Partnership with Kellogg School of Management

From March 20 to 22, IPADE hosted the 2019 International Days in partnership with Kellogg School of Management. Every year, IPADE organizes the International Days program for the AD-2, AD, and D-1 Management Programs as a way to provide a global experience and further strengthen the IPADE community. Each year, a leading international business school participates in the International Days program as a strategic partner, and IPADE was pleased to work with the Kellogg School of Management for the 2019 edition.

More than 500 participants from North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia came together on IPADE’s campus to participate in this international immersion program, which was focused on the theme “Leading into the Future: Driving Organizational Transformation in the Digital Age.” Sanjay Koshia, Adam Pah, Kevin McTigue, Ned Smith, and Steven Franconteri were just some of the professors and thought leaders that participated as speakers at the event.

The program sessions examined the rapid changes that are occurring in the business world, and participants engaged with different responses and tools that can be used to address complicated organizational challenges. The ultimate purpose of the event was to prepare and encourage executive leaders to manage and promote organizational transformation and change in the digital era.

The academic focus of the International Days program and its emphasis on personal development encourages participants to actively engage with thought leaders and experts on today’s pressing issues, interactions that complement the education they receive at IPADE. The program also strengthens the camaraderie of the IPADE community, bringing together business leaders and executives from across IPADE’s various campuses to spend time together and create personal and professional relationships.


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