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IPADE Industry Forums Connect MEDE Students with High-growth Industries

Foros clubes IPADE

In addition to refining their management skills, IPADE Full-time MBA participants are also provided various opportunities to build up their professional network and connect with companies and industries that interest them. The Industry Forums hosted by IPADE are an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about their target industries and network with companies of interest. Hosted from April 26-May 18, the 2017 forums focused on Real Estate Development, Consumer Goods and Social Innovation, Healthcare and Pharma, and Finance and Entrepreneurship.

With support from the Career Development Center (CEDIC), directors and entrepreneurs active in each industry were invited to share their experience and perspective on the future of their industries with the MEDE students.

The Healthcare; Pharma roundtable, “The Healthcare Industry in Mexico: Opportunities for the Private Sector” focused on the opportunities and challenges of the healthcare industry. Discussion participants included Rodrigo Puga, CEO of Pfizer Mexico; José Antonio Crespo, CEO of Farmalisto; Alejandra Paredones, CEO and Founder of BSI Capital; and Pablo Escandón, CEO of Nadro. The session was moderated by Gerardo García-Téllez, Director of Government Relations of Abbott.

When sharing advice with attendees on how they could get involved in the industry, Rodrigo Puga said, “In our industry, the solution is never just around the corner. It always requires analysis, effort, and resilience. The pharmaceutical industry is a good fit for people that like to be intellectually challenged. Every decision needs to take into account a variety of different perspectives.”

Alejandra Paredones added that the profile that MEDE students have given them an excellent opportunity to engage with the challenges of the industry. “You need to take the skills that you learned during your MBA and apply them to the challenges of the industry,” said Ms. Paredones. “There are always new opportunities in this business.”

José Antonio Crespo noted some of the characteristics that are necessary to succeed in the industry. “You need to] be able to identify the problem, have the ability to innovate, and be able to persevere and find new solutions in a highly regulated industry.”

The CEDIC provides career support and guidance to MEDE students, connecting them with companies and industries of interest. The Industry Forums are a valuable opportunity to connect with major players in high-growth industries.

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