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IPADE Launches Digital Transformation Journey Program

Today, innovation and digital transformation are necessary in order for companies to establish a competitive advantage and maintain their relevance over time. According to global innovation consultancy Opinno, companies that lead the way in digital transformation grow at a rate of 8% and represent a 10x return on investment versus their competitors.

In an effort to support Mexican companies during the process of digital transformation, IPADE Business School launched the Digital Transformation Journey Program, a blended learning program that uses in-person and online sessions to help business leaders understand, draft, and implement digital transformation processes within their organizations.

Consisting of three phases – preparation, immersion, and implementation – the program works with executives as they identify the current digital reality within their organizations, work to adapt their business model to a digital environment, establish a digital transformation strategy, and implement and follow up on said strategy. In addition to five weeks of online courses, participants will also take part in a week-long immersion program in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the global center of innovation.

At the program’s launch on October 16, Rafael Ramírez de Alba, Academic Director of the Digital Transformation Journey Program, highlighted the importance of the blended model in terms of executive education, noting that “the moment we start using digital technologies, we break down the physical barriers that limit the speed at which we can grow… today, connectivity allows us to implement initiatives like this.”

“The launch of the DT Journey Program here at IPADE reflects the fact that digital transformation is fundamental, and it is important that these initiatives come from executive management,” said Mr. Ramírez de Alba. “It should be noted that this program will not focus on digital technologies, but instead will focus on engaging with and understanding digital transformation and technology so that business leaders can incorporate these concepts into their organizations in a way that allows them to face the global challenges of the modern world.”

IPADE is pleased to welcome the first 40 participants of the Digital Transformation Journey Program as they work to improve their organizations through digital transformation, thus contributing to the ongoing development of the Mexican business community.


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