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IPADE Business School announced at a press conference last May 24th that it will host the 2nd Annual Harvard Business Review Summit Mexico at its campus in Mexico City in October of this year. The event, executed in partnership with the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and Opinno, a global innovation consultancy, will gather 400-500 top business leaders to discuss and engage with the key management topics relevant to today’s business community.

The event will feature 10+ hours of content from the business leaders most prepared for changing economies, those willing to push boundaries and leave comfort zones, including Top Management from CEMEX, Softtek, and Opinno, and respected academic experts from IPADE Business School, Harvard Business

School, and the Inter-American Dialog. Select topics include disruption, innovation, digital transformation, and the rise of the Millennial in the workplace.

When asked why the focus on Mexico, Amy Bernstein, editor of HBR, responded, “I can’t overstate the importance of Mexico both in terms of its connection to the United States, but also its connection to broader Latin America. HBR is very excited to bring the ideas we curate to Mexico, but also to take new ideas from Mexico to our readership (…) we can’t think of a better partner than IPADE.”

Rafael Gómez Nava, dean of IPADE Business School, highlighted the institution’s longstanding relationship with Harvard Business School, noting that following IPADE’s founding in 1967, IPADE leaders promptly reached out to their counterparts at Harvard for advice and support.

The press conference also served as an opportunity to announce the launch of the Spanish-language edition of the Harvard Business Review, now available in digital format. Although the Spanish content currently mirrors the English content, Pedro Moneo, Founder & CEO of Opinno, and publisher of the Spanish edition of HBR, mentioned plans to adapt the content to different Spanish-speaking markets in the future.

The morning’s activities were followed by a half-day of content in the Aula Dr. Carlos Llano Cifuentes. In front of a packed house of MBA students, alumni, and faculty, Ms. Bernstein shared six ideas on 21st Century Leadership based on HBR content, while neurologist and neuroscientist Facundo Manes shared insights on decision-making, leadership, and creativity from a neuroscientific approach. The day concluded with a discussion-based panel moderated by IPADE faculty Edmundo Vallejo and featuring Ms. Bernstein, Dr. Manes, and Mr. Moneo.

For the more than 400 attendees, the session served as a taste of the type of content that can be expected at the Harvard Business Review Summit Mexico on October 13th.

Additional information on the Harvard Business Review Summit Mexico can be found here:

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