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Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize) Calls for the Companies Reconstruction

Within the framework of the International Week of the Executive MBA (MEDEX), the conference “Post Corona Reconstruction Program: No Going Back” was presented: presented by the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner: Muhammad Yunus. He spoke about reconstruction and mission of companies and organizations in the global scenario.

Muhammad Yunus affirmed that the current pandemic has transformed the development models of organizations in practically all affected countries. He commented that today’s focus is not the creation of recovery plans, but the generation of programs for redesign and reconstruction of organizations, social and environmental awareness should be considered as the main axes of new decision-making processes.

He also proposed the reconstruction plan based on a new form of business called “social enterprise”, which is based on a model created to address people’s problems, without obtaining any personal benefit from investors, except to recover the original investment:

We can make the decision to help others, let’s support micro-sectors, those informal businesses. The microsectors are the ones that need the most help right now, they require financing to be able to survive. The current pandemic is an area of ​​opportunity for organizations to evaluate their social mission, directing it to a common good.

Finally, the founder of Grameen Bank-The Bank for the Poor, warned that if a post-Coronavirus program driven primarily by social and environmental awareness is not achieved, the only thing that will happen is that we will be heading to a catastrophe more complex than the one we are living right now.

The work focused on opening virtual spaces of this nature, where connections are established between global leaders, allows decision-making to be humanistic and to be in line with the demands of an increasingly competitive and changing world.


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