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Pixar Co-Founder Visits IPADE’s Guadalajara Campus

On Friday, May 4, IPADE Guadalajara was pleased to welcome Dr. Edwin Catmull, Co-founder and President of Pixar Animation Studios, to campus as part of the CEO Lecture Series.

Antonio Casanueva, Director of IPADE Guadalajara, warmly welcomed attendees to the event and thanked Dr. Catmull for his participation.

Professor Carlos Ruiz, from the General Management Department, then provided attendees with a brief overview of Dr. Catmull’s professional trajectory, highlighting his extensive contributions to the business world: “Built using a combination of art, technology, and business, Pixar exists because of the tenacity of Ed Catmull,” said Professor Ruiz.

During the session, participants from various IPADE programs were able to engage in a true conversation with Dr. Catmull, which focused in on the actions that were taken immediately after Pixar was purchased by Disney.

Dr. Catmull emphasized the importance of creating a work environment that favors innovation within the company. “When we make a movie, everyone is credited on the film, even the chef,” noted Dr. Catmull. “People shouldn’t be afraid to speak their mind and make mistakes, but management at the company needs to encourage these initiatives in order to encourage team members’ participation in them.”

Organized by the IPADE Liaison Office, the CEO Lecture Series provides IPADE participants and alumni the opportunity to engage with some of the most prominent business leaders from around the world.

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