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18 November, 2016
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28 November, 2016
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Professors from IPADE, Harvard, and Kingston Business Schools Co-Author Groundbreaking Study

On November 3, IPADE Professor Martha Rivera presented the findings of the collaborative study “Organizational practices, intra-household bargaining and career and life outcomes” at IPADE’s campus in Mexico City.

Professor Rivera collaborated with Professor Kathleen L. McGinn (Harvard Business School) and Professor Mayra Ruiz Castro (Kingston Business School) to study how maternal employment, household dynamics, and organizational practices affect men’s and women’s employment and domestic outcomes. The study seeks to provide practical suggestions regarding the daily activities and decision making processes for companies that are interested in addressing gender inequality by developing inclusive policies and practices to increase employee engagement and help balance their personal, professional, and family lives.

Unprecedented in the Mexican context, this groundbreaking study simultaneously focused on three different levels- individual, personal (home), and organizational- in order to better understand the most significant influences on worker’s personal and professional lives. The study posits that success within and balance between an individual’s personal and professional lives is the result of personal characteristics and skills, daily negotiations that are carried out both in the home and at the office, and the employer’s organizational practices and policies.

Seven multinational companies participated in the study, including companies from the financial services, consumer products, technology, auditing and consulting, industrial products, and human resources industries.

Research is a fundamental aspect of the work done at IPADE, providing opportunities for continued learning and improvement, as well as practical input for Mexican and global managers and companies.

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