Dear community:

Business schools around the world are called to create communities bring together and foster interaction among different members of the business world. Over the past year, the critical role of business leaders and senior managers has become even more pressing, as the unprecedented public health crisis has exacerbated inequalities in health, education, and access to technology. Although enormously challenging, this environment also offers an opportunity to rebuild more just economic and social systems.

Today, executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and academics must unite, in person or online, to become agents of change that are committed to creating more and better opportunities for our companies and stakeholders.

At IPADE, we know that the business community must play a lead role in rebuilding. As an institution, we are dedicated to the human side of the business leader and to supporting the development of core executive virtues: objectivity, humility, prudence, magnanimity, the ability to take risks with strength and confidence, in addition to our focus on technical knowledge and innovation. We are proactive, committed to creating innovative, relevant content and identifying the necessary tools that empower entrepreneurs and business leaders so that their organizations not only succeed, but flourish.

These times of crisis have shown us that the Case Method can be adapted to the requirements of the present and the future, and that it remains the ideal method for building and honing leadership skills and executive intelligence in our participants.

Our beloved IPADE is called to serve business leaders and their companies. As a community, let us move forward to forge a new future for business and for IPADE.

Kind regards

Lorenzo Fernández Alonso
IPADE Business School

Lorenzo Fernandes IPADE Dean