Welcome to the Chaplaincy of IPADE Business School. A place to discover the great possibilities living in each of us, and an aide to exercise the creative force of freedom.

The mission of the Chaplaincy is to promote a theological and spiritual foundation for IPADE students, ensuring the continuation of IPADE’s Christian identity.

Students, faculty members, and staff at IPADE may receive spiritual guidance and advice by establishing direct contact with any of our Chaplains. You can also contact a priest regarding any consultation via email.

About us

Chaplaincy is a service for people that helps and advices through a priest (Chaplain) who guides a person on his/her path to give an answer to God.

What do we offer?

  • Professionalism
  • Understanding
  • Friendship
  • Support

Why a Chaplaincy?

In partnership with the personal prelature of Opus Dei, IPADE has a mandate to offer doctrinal religious training and spiritual assistance to all those who request it, while maintaining respect for freedom of religion.

If you want to contact with the chaplain to schedule a meeting or for more information, click here (support in Spanish).

Learn more (site in Spanish)

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