International Office

Our Purpouse

The International Office is responsible for promoting IPADE and positioning it among the best business schools in the world by highlighting its humanist direction, its relationships with schools across the globe and through its international courses and programs.

The main purpose of the International Office is to support programs by developing international experiences, components and programs for students and participants, linking the school to other academic, business and cultural entities in the world. The International Office also creates partnerships and agreements that help IPADE achieve its objectives in topics related to globalization. Internationalization is also important for the Institution’s non-degree programs such as the Senior Management , Focused and In-Company programmes.

The main priorities of the International Office are:

1.Seek opportunities to take advantage of proposals and needs of foreign institutions, schools, and universities, aiming to meet market needs.

2.Analyze global strategies to keep IPADE up to date with global trends to allow the organization to offer Programs with international value.

3.Promote the design and development of special international programs, meeting the specific objectives of all institutions involved.

How does the global environment information impact IPADE?

Global Environment

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International Office

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How does IPADE transfer information to the global environment?