Today’s global environment requires companies to focus their attention on the specific skills that their key managers must develop to perform better within their functions and within the business areas in which they operate.

IPADE’s Focused Programs Focused Programs are specifically designed based on market trends and needs. They are divided into long- and shortterm
Focused Programs.

The objectives of the focused Programs are to motivate managers and businesspeople to develop concrete skills according to their needs. Additionally, the Programs search for practical and innovative solutions to the problems that managers face on a day-to- day basis.

  • Innovation for Senior Management Program (innovAD) A program that allows participants to take advantage of the constantly changing business opportunities cropping up inside their companies. Through discussion with managers from different companies, the introduction of new learning tools and a focus on innovative projects, participants gain a competitive strategic advantage.
  • Senior Management Program in Agribusiness (ADEA). The program promotes the leadership, productivity, and competence of senior managers from companies participating in agribusiness, analyzing the main factors that determine the development of the sector and its environment.
  • The Human Side of the Manager Program. In this program participants pause in their managerial journey in order to reflect on topics beyond their economic, professional and business achievements, and focus on the most relevant aspects of their personal lives.
  • Management for Services Program. This program is taught in partnership with IAE Business School (Argentina) to provide participants with the necessary tools to differentiate their organizations through the quality of the services they provide. The program helps them discover a conceptual framework by which they can analyze, diagnose and construct competitive service proposals in line with specific business models.
  • Colloquium on Family Business. A space for dialogue, reflection and family learning guided by experts in familyowned companies. The goal is to achieve a shared vision of the future and to outline the strategies for achieving family harmony and business continuity.
  • Seminar on How to Achieve Continuity in a Family Business. The program helps participants achieve a broad and deep understanding of the internal dynamics and challenges that a family business must face, especially at the moment of generational succession.
  • Top Management Program for Leaders of the Americas (PADLA). The program is the result of a partnership between IPADE, IESE Business School (New York campus) and IAE Business School (Argentina), and it aims to promote participants’ adaptability and leadership development during changing times. Participants focus on the most important global trends that will present challenges for their management as well as for business communities throughout Latin America.
  • Boards in Action Program. Participants walk through the dynamics of a board of directors so that they understand the scope of corporate governance, learn the process of how to institutionalize these boards within a company, and make boards work effectively in their organizations.
  • Program for Chairpersons and Board Members. This program helps participants develop the governance capacities required to effectively contribute to the high performance of a Board of Directors, thus contributing to their professionalization as board members and creating a foundation for proper institutionalization.
  • Research Center for Women in Senior Management International Seminar. The content of this seminar, offered initially in Miami and then in Cancún, changes each year, depending on the topics and research developed by the research center. Usually offered with the collaboration of IAE Business School it focuses on fostering women talent in senior management positions.
  • Family Businesses Meeting. Forum to deepen knowledge in specific topics that concern family-owned firms. Experts and guest entrepreneurs also share success stories that help participants with future strategies.
  • Food and Beverage Industry Summit and IPADE Auto Summit. Both are organized jointly by IPADE and IESE Business School. They are forums for reflection and debate in which experts, scholars, businessmen and executives use a long term perspective to talk about the current and most relevant issues and share experiences, key success factors, best practices and lessons learned within the agro-food and beverage, and automotive sectors, respectively.
  • Energy Industry Summit. Co-designed with partner universities in USA and Canada, this summit gathers energy industry experts, academics and businesspeople together to share ideas and experiences on trending topics such as alternative energy sources, reform implications and new business opportunities in the industry.