Our Mission

To educate leaders with a global vision, a sense of social responsibility, and Christian values who are capable of transforming organizations and society.

Our 10-Year Vision

  • To remain as a world-class business school.
  • To be the best business school with a humanist perspective.
Escudo Repostero
Campana IPADE

To achieve these goals, IPADE focuses on:

  • Valuing professional work
  • Attention to detail
  • Researching, innovating, and transmitting knowledge and business management best practices
  • Continue to improve the purpose of top management leaders, instilling in each student a global mentality, ethical vision, personal freedom, and a focus on social responsibility
  • Broadening people’s horizons and proposing challenges
  • Educating students with Christian values
  • Achieving more humane organizations
  • Personal treatment, mentorship, and team advisors
  • Learning through experience

IPADE’s 10 Values


  • The individual is the focus and purpose of all social and economic life
  • Unity among members of the IPADE community
  • Work as a means for personal improvement
  • Work done well, with attention to small details
  • Personalized attention for all students
  • The leadership and business role of directors
  • Collaborative and respectful decision-making
  • Learning through experience
  • The expansion of personal horizons through questioning the status quo and proposing challenges
  • Global vision