Our Mission

To educate leaders with a global vision, a sense of social responsibility, and Christian values who are capable of transforming organizations and society.

Our 10-Year Vision

  • To remain as a world-class business school.
  • To be the best business school with a humanist perspective.
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Campana IPADE

Our Values

IPADE’s philosophy is based on the Christian humanism principles. We consider the person as the center and end of every organization. Our values underline the endlessly search of excellence in our collaborators and participants. We strongly promote freedom and responsibility in an environment conducive to self-transcendence.

  • Spirit of service: To help righteously and humbly: “to do and to disappear”.
  • Self-transcendence: To be aware that our passage through life is temporary. To aim high and widen perspectives.
  • Excellence: To inspire lives to discover and achieve their calling for plenitude.
  • Work. Well done, with purpose and dedication: “to be useful, serve”.
  • Unity: Plurality strengthens us, being one with the head, the team and the organization.