Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020 - 2021

Welcome to this new edition of IPADE’s Annual Report, presenting the most relevant activity of our beloved business school during the 2020-2021 academic cycle. Just like the rest of the world, IPADE has undergone a major restart during this period. In a matter of just a few months, we went from lockdown to the level of mobility afforded to us by the rollout of the first doses of the vaccine, allowing us to reopen all our campuses.

Annual Report 2019 - 2020

Welcome to the 2019-2020 IPADE Annual Report. During this complex and challenging year, we found ourselves forced to abandon our existing plan to respond to unprecedented and unimaginable situations. However, we remained committed to designing new programs in new formats to ensure that IPADE continues to be valuable, timely, and relevant for the business community during these difficult times…

Annual Report 2018 - 2019

I am pleased to share IPADE’s 2018-2019 Annual Report with you. I am proud to say that this year our alumni community experienced unprecedented growth. Over 40,000 business executives, entrepreneurs, and senior managers have now participated in our programs. I know that this success will motivate and push us to continue to develop this strong community…

Annual Report 2017 - 2018

Dear member of the IPADE Community, We are pleased that another academic year has successfully come to a close. This report provides an overview of the actions we have carried out to strengthen IPADE’s strategic pillars: innovation, international strategy, research, and positive impact on society. Thank you, IPADE community! The progress we have made together encourages us to keep working, always with a person-centered approach to management and careful attention to detail…

Annual Report 2016 - 2017

2017 represents a very important moment in IPADE’s history, marking 50 years of professionalizing management practices and encouraging senior manager’s ongoing pursuit of excellence in all aspects of their lives, beyond just their business functions. This report provides information about the 50th Anniversary commemorative events, but also about the day-to-day work that is done at IPADE to emphasize the core values that have been fundamental to IPADE since its founding…

Annual Report 2015 - 2016

IPADE Annual Report 2016

Our institutional life, always enriched by the talent of our participants, graduates, professors, and staff, is guided by three fundamental tenets that form our identity: a focus on senior management, holistic learning, and a human-focused approach to managerial work…

Annual Report 2014 - 2015

Annual Report 2015 IPADE

Once more we have come to the end of an academic year that, like those before it, was distinguished by the hard work of all those that collaborate with this Institution, and allow us to achieve the positive results that motivate us to move forward.

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