The Research Centers enrich IPADE’s academic activities in which the Faculty members undertake various endeavors to promote the presence of the Institution in various forums devoted to the Mexican and global business sector.

Many of the challenges faced by today’s managers require insights achieved through basic, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research approach. IPADE’s research centers operate under this belief.

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Research Center for Women in Senior Management

The Research Center for Women in Senior Management’s purpose and mission is to disseminate managers by creating innovative content to connect them with organizations and their own families and establishing networking activities among them.

The center has three lines of research:
1) Analyzing and promoting the stories of women who have succeeded thanks to the balance they have achieved between their personal, family and professional lives.
2) Studying businesses and organizations to identify and promote their commitment to developing female leadership mainly in managerial position
3) Achieving a cultural impact of these topics on education and public policies

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Research Center for Family Businesses-BBVA

Family businesses are a key driver for the development and growth of any economy. To achieve continuity and consolidate their future, the Research Center for Family Businesses-BBVA focuses its efforts on creating spaces for reflection and learning for families seeking to ensure the continuity of their businesses throughout the generations, promoting harmony, and driving a proper institutionalization of corporate governance. This research center aims to be a national and international benchmark of the knowledge that characterizes this type of business.

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Research Center for Business Entrepreneurial Initiative

This research center aims to study the business and management tasks of individuals who take initiative -entrepreneurs- and who ultimately are the mission of IPADE’s mission. The impact and contribution of business to the common good is immense not only because it creates economic, human, and social value, but also because of its ability to create solutions to the challenges facing our society. Thus, this research center seeks to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, scholars, participants, alumni, and stakeholders in our business community, in an environment conducive to their development through education, research and outreach activities.

Research Center for Philosophy and Management

The Research Center for Philosophy and Management’s efforts are focused on the study of the human being; philosophical anthropology is the discipline that informs its work. The philosophical perspective was chosen with the intention of addressing issues from the broadest possible point of view and with the hope of finding the ultimate foundation. Research at this center is closely linked to consulting and teaching activities: contact with real situations stimulates and guides reflection, and the results are discussed in the classroom in front of people with different academic backgrounds and experience. The link between research, teaching and consulting promotes a virtuous circularity: relevant topics are studied, and classroom work allows a richer reflection and brings about new problems that require attention.