Throughout IPADE’s Senior Management Programs, participants are faced with over 130 real business problems in which they must analyze information, work in teams and make decisions. Managers then discuss with other management professionals from various sectors in a participatory and dynamic atmosphere, leading to an enrichment of everyone’s knowledge. Each Program is founded upon academic excellence and a humanistic perspective of business leadership, where the dignity of individuals and their commitment to ethical values constitute the backbone of success in organizations and society in the long-term.

Executive Management Program (AD-2)

The AD-2 Program is designed to hone the skills required by those who are at the head of their organizations. Additionally, the Program seeks to: enhance diagnostic capabilities, define policies and action plans, improve the leadership capacity, and provide a better perspective for the integration of organizations.

In addition to enhancing participant’s capacities to evaluate situations and determine appropriate policies and action plans, the program widens participant’s leadership abilities and facilitates a broader business perspective. The Program also provides the necessary foundations to effectively lead the business according to the participant’s own experience and the most recent management best practices. AD-2 is aimed at top managers, and seeks to increase a business’ success and competitiveness to propel them into the future.

Designed for: General managers or company owners with at least 10 years of experience in the position in large, well-established organizations..

Duration: One afternoon and one morning per week for 9 months.

Begins in: October and ends in June.

General Management Program (AD)

The AD Program is designed to accelerate and enhance the development of participants as excellent general managers of companies with high growth prospects.  In addition to enhancing the ability to accurately assess a situation and establish an appropriate plan of action, the Program broadens each participant’s leadership abilities and facilitates a more complete understanding of their business.

This Program provides participants with the necessary foundations to lead and manage their business cohesively, building on each student’s own personal experience, as well as the most recent academic offerings in the field of management science.

The Program is meant for: General managers or company owners with a minimum of 5 years of experience in the position within large companies that are clearly in the process of becoming well-established 

Duration: One afternoon and one morning per week for 9 months.

Begins in: October and ends in June.

Management Development Program (D-1)

The D-1 Program gives participants a broader knowledge base and helps them develop skills to carry out their managerial functions with a perspective of general management. This Program focuses on perfecting the skills, capacities, and business vision necessary to assume management positions within an organization. It is designed for managers that have significant general management responsibilities and need to face problems at a high level with an overall view of the business.

The D-1 Program gives the participant access to a broader knowledge base and develops the skills to manage teams with a vision that is much broader than the participant’s own specialization.

The program is meant for: Managers with a minimum of 3 years experience in functional responsibility positions in medium-sized and large enterprises, as well as for general managers or owners of SMEs, whose positions require them to adopt a global vision of the organization and deal with problems that are specific to Top Management.

Duration: One afternoon and one morning per week for 9 months.

Begins in: October and ends in June.