IPADE’s Custom Programs are tailored to the needs of each company based on the focus and interests of the organization’s leadership and aligned with each company’s vision, strategy, and current context.


  • Design custom-made programs that respond to the needs of each company based on the focus and interests of the organization’s leadership and aligned with each company’s vision, strategy, and current context.
  • Perfect the skills and knowledge of the company’s key decision-makers who manage the company’s resources.


Each program is designed based on an analysis conducted by the company’s leadership team in collaboration with IPADE to ensure a focus and depth of study that will support practical and effective change.

For programs that include instructional design, we use design thinking to ensure that the program is both creative, analytical, and well structured.


  • Identify business opportunities and knowledge areas
  • Strengthen a shared language
  • Align strategies and objectives
  • Accelerate management training, innovation, and organizational change
  • Establish a standardized decision-making methodology
  • Online programs allow executives located around the world to participate while minimizing travel costs
  • Create economies of scale (value for money)
  • Create spaces for shared reflection
  • Encourage formal and informal synergies
  • Strengthen the relationships between executives and clients, providers, and distributors
  • Engage with both domestic and international business environments
  • Create focused and rapid change
  • Increase motivation and commitment
  • Respond to a company’s actual needs


Participant-centered learning allows executives to continue to perfect their management skills by identifying, analyzing, and diagnosing real issues from real companies.

Custom Programs complement the core case method with other activities to keep participants motivated and engaged. The appropriate learning model will be defined based on the objective and format of the Custom Program.


Each Custom Program is designed to respond to the challenges and opportunities identified within each company’s strategic approaches and operational structure.

Program content is created based on the specific needs of each organization, and the academic structure of the program is personalized for each company and group of participants.

The academic areas involved in IPADE’s Custom Programs are divided into the following four groups: People, Functions, Environment, and General Vision.


A needs assessment will be conducted to define the program’s objectives, thematic focuses, topics, methods, and academic areas, as well as to design learning modules that facilitate an effective program management. The full program or any of its modules can be implemented using any of the following methods:

100% online – synchronous learning*

  • Ideal for shorter or mid-length programs
    1 or 2 sessions per week
    Sessions last between 2 and 4 hours

Online with instructional design (combination of synchronous* and asynchronous** learning)

  • Ideal for longer programs
  • Thematic modules
  • Weekly or biweekly sessions


  • With instructional design

100% in-person

  • Unavailable until further notice
(*) Synchronous learning: Participants are able to connect with each other and the professor in real time.
(**) Asynchronous learning: Participants are able to plan and complete their learning activities independently and on their own schedule.



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