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IPADE Hosts Harvard Business Review Summit Mexico

HBR Summit

On October 13, IPADE hosted more than 400 attendees for the Harvard Business Review Summit Mexico. The HBR Summit Mexico is the most important meeting of leaders, organizations, and ideas regarding the future of management, hosted by the Harvard Business Review, the most important strategy and leadership publication in the world, and Opinno, the Spanish-language publisher of HBR.

This year, IPADE joined the event as the Strategic Academic Partner, hosting the day long activity at the IPADE campus. Held in Mexico City, the home base for the most important international business organizations focused on the Latin American market, the HBR Summit served as an opportunity to engage in a truly important dialogue regarding the ideas and practices that are changing the business world in Mexico, Latin America, and beyond.

The theme of the event was ‘Shaping the Future of Management in a Global Economy- Management Ideas for Tomorrow’s Mexico.’ The audience was made up of representatives from major Mexican and international corporations, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from Mexico and beyond.

Throughout the day, the program focused on big ideas facing the business community, with invited speakers tackling topics including ‘21st Century Talent Spotting,’ ‘Corporate Insecurity: Cyber Warfare & Other Modern Perils,’ ‘Brexit, Trump, and the Threat to Liberal Order,’ and a live case study on public-private partnerships. Keynote sessions and roundtable discussions were complemented by smaller, targeted workshops, providing attendees with incredible opportunities to engage with and learn from the experience of top thought leaders, government representatives, and CEOs, including Fernando González Olivieri, CEO of CEMEX; Blanca Treviño, CEO of Softtek; Peter Hakim, President Emeritus and Senior Fellow at the Inter-American Dialogue; and Irene Espinosa, Treasure of Mexico; among others.

IPADE Dean Rafael Gómez Nava welcomed attendees to the event, emphasizing the long standing relationship between IPADE and Harvard.

“I’m sure that this second edition of the HBR summit, the first here at IPADE, is just one more step forward in continuing to solidify the relationship between our two great institutions,” said Dean Gómez Nava. “We’re delighted to welcome both HBR and Opinno to IPADE’s campus. I’d like to thank you all for being here, for your enthusiasm and your dedication, and for your participation in this event, which gives us the opportunity to discuss the pressing issues of today, and the situations that are changing Latin America, Mexico, and the world.”

Amy Bernstein, Editor of Harvard Business Review, echoed these sentiments in her welcome.

“It’s so great to be here today, thank you so much, Rafael and the entire IPADE family,” said Ms. Bernstein.

“We have a 50 year relationship with IPADE, and this conference is a fitting next chapter for us, allowing us to bring the most important ideas in business leadership and management to you, and indeed, to gather them from you. This is an extremely distinguished audience… a very interactive event, and… I’m looking forward to learning with you here today.”

The event concluded after 11 hours of learning and networking, 21 speakers, and 50 interviews with media outlets. At the end of the day, the audience was still energetic and engaged, reflecting the incredible level of the programming and the speakers. Following closing remarks from the three hosts, attendees adjourned to a closing cocktail, followed by a special dining experience.

IPADE is proud to be the Strategic Academic Partner of the 2nd Annual Harvard Business Review Summit Mexico, and hopes that this is the start of many years of collaboration.

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