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MEDE Participants Put Their Data Visualization Skills to the Test

MEDE participants at IPADE’s Mexico City and Monterrey campuses had the opportunity to put what they’ve learned in the Data Visualization course taught by Professor of Decision Analysis Alberto Ibarra to the test thanks to a case study based on a real-world rebranding project.

The objective of the Data Visualization course is to help participants develop their data analysis skills and their ability to effectively communicate data through visualizations using various formats such as printed graphics, interactive boards, live presentations, etc.

To accomplish this objective, Professor Ibarra published a case study focused on the Chipinque Ecological Park, which analyzes the impact of the park’s rebrand on the number of visitors. Prior to the in-class discussion, participants analyzed data regarding visits to the park over the last four years. Participants then had the opportunity to present their findings and takeaways to Gerardo Ortiz, Director and Founder of Brands&People, the agency that implemented the rebranding process for the park, and Lorena Vázquez, CEO of Chipinque, who valued the insights presented by the participants.

As part of the rebranding process, Brands&People developed a digital communications strategy that positioned Chipinque as a leader of environmental conservation in Monterrey. The agency moved beyond the traditional call to “Visit us” and created a more active invitation that echoes with the power of nature: “The mountain calls you.” Thanks to its new visual identity, the park received significantly more attention from the media and from visitors.

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