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19 October, 2018

Transforming Business in the Face of Increasing Uncertainty and Social Challenges

This content was developed based on a presentation given by Juan Del Cerro, founder and director of and Socialab México, at the Istmo Forum hosted […]
17 September, 2018

Using Big Data to Solve Big Problems

In the past decade, the exponential increase in computing power has opened the door to increasingly more impactful ways of using big data, commonly understood as […]
24 August, 2018

Three Breakthrough Technologies That Are Already Changing the Business World

In the past few years, significant time and ink has been spent talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution—the transformation that will fundamentally change the way we […]
10 August, 2018

USA-Mexico-China: The Ripple Effects of the Trade War

As the escalation of the bilateral trade war between USA and China seems to have no end in sight, a growing number of countries are being […]