25 October, 2019

IPADE Launches Digital Transformation Journey Program

Today, innovation and digital transformation are necessary in order for companies to establish a competitive advantage and maintain their relevance over time. According to global innovation […]
1 October, 2019

A CEO Lecture with Local Flavor: Chef Enrique Olvera Visits IPADE

Declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010, Mexican cuisine has taken the world by storm. From the country’s iconic tacos to its […]
12 April, 2019

LinkedIn Influencer and Innovation Expert Gijs Van Wulfen Speaks at IPADE Guadalajara

“How long does it take your organization to bring an idea to market and monetize it? If we’re talking years… well, it’s time to make the […]
1 April, 2019

Fundación Arocena Celebrates Winners of the 2019 Innovation, Perseverance and Service Award

On March 26-27, Leonardo Benjamín González Lamadrid and Ariel Emiliano Berrueto Garza (MEDE Class of 2019) were recognized with the 2019 Innovation, Perseverance and Service Award. […]